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  Season 2015: Volkswagen Golf Cup
Time of event
Event name and location
24-26.04.2015 Oschersleben, Germany 6th & 4th Report
19-21.06.2015 Slovakia Ring, Slovakia 6th & Retired Report
03-05.07.2015 Lausitzring, Germany 5th & 2nd Report
28-30.08.2015 Sachsenring, Germany 9th & 5th Report
18-20.09.2015 Brno, Czech 4th & 13th Report
02-04.10.2015 Poznan, Poland - Report

Volkswagen Golf Cup standings 2015: 10/12 events, Top-6:
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 400 points
2. Dylan Pereira, 354 points
3. Marcus Fluch, 350 points
4. Michał Gadomski, 317 points
5. Piotr Parys, 243 points
6. Simo Muhonen, 242 points

29.4.2015 - Simo Muhonen had an excellent start in international Volkswagen Golf Cup - Flying Finn in 5th position after two rounds

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First two rounds of international Volkswagen Golf Cup has been driven in german Oschersleben and flying Finn Simo Muhonen, age of 18, accomplished superb 6th and 4th positions in his debut runs. Since age of four Simo Muhonen has actively competed and now 14 years later he was in top speed and finished the events by 4,6 seconds and 6,2 seconds slower than winners.

In season 2011 Simo won bronze medal in Finnish Karting KF3 Championship series. In season 2013 he won Le Mans event of French Formula F4 Championship series and in season 2014 he was 2nd fastest in Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland. Now in two first rounds of Volkswagen Golf Cup is was very happy for his performance and trouble-free runs.

For the first race Muhonen got a poor start and dropped few positions. However having a attack mode on he was able to make spectacular passes and collected the same 7th position. As there were only three laps to go, a fellow competitor had a serious crash and pace car came to circuit. When the race continued in final lap Muhonen passed one competitor in 3rd last corner of the event and finished the event just 4,594 seconds slower than winner Marcus Fluch.

For the second race, which was driven in Sunday, Muhonen got a good start from sixth position. Furthermore as driver who was in 4th position made a mistake and therefore Muhonen stept up to fifth position. And a moment later he made another spectacular pass and rised to fourth position. However laps came to and and too fast and therefore he was forced to satisfy for fourth highest Championship points, just 6,323 seconds slower than winner Jeffrey Kruger. Still the race went better than he had expected.

- I came to Oschersleben with poor tests run in Slovakiaring and therefore I didn't have any expectations for this wekend. However 4th and 6th positions in free practice and 7th and 6th positions in qualifyings gave me new hope. Furthermore as in first race I was able to have a good strategy for Push-to-Pass technics the 6th position and just 4,6 seconds gap for the winner tells us that I'm back in top speed. Podium is very much possible in next rounds, Muhonen tells.

- In the second race I was also in good speed and two good passes I was able to collect fourth highest Championship points which was definitely maximum result from 6th grid. Now 5th position in Championship standings gives me excellent starting positions for next two rounds which are to be driven at the 3rd weekend of June at Slovakiaring. I know that I must have a much better qualifying so that podium positions could be possible, Muhonen continued.

The high level of competitiveness of Volkswagen Golf Cup is that seven fastest drivers are fit in five seconds. After two rounds Muhonen is just five points behind bronze position driver.

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup Oschersleben #1: 25.4.2015
1. Marcus Fluch, 24:53.042
2. Michał Gadomski, +1.163sec
3. Jeffrey Kruger, +2.044sec
4. Andre Gies, +3.087sec
5. Dylan Pereira, +3.829sec
6. Simo Muhonen, +4.594sec
7. Manuel Fahnauer, +4.818sec

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup Oschersleben #2: 26.4.2015
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 24:03.352
2. Marcus Fluch, +0.189sec
3. Manuel Fahnauer, +4.298sec
4. Simo Muhonen, +6.323sec
5. Michał Gadomski, +7.401sec

22.6.2015 - Simo Muhonen into deep dissapointment at Volkswagen Golf Cup Slovakiaring events

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Reighning Finnish Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland and FINRace Trophy silver medalist, Flying Finn Simo Muhonen suffered a deep dissapointment in Slovakiaring at 3rd and 4th rounds of international Volkswagen Golf Cup. For both events, which were driven in Solastice, youngster started from 4th positions. In first and very colourful event he made two small driving mistakes and finished the event in 6th position. In second race he was forced to retire the event due crash which his fellow competitor caused.

Since age of four Simo Muhonen has been competing on tarmac surface. In practice and qualifying sessions of Slovakiaring weekend he was in excellent pace. However in first start he got a bad start and one fellow competitor was able to pass him. Then for the final laps he was in 5th position, unable to pass drivers in front of him. In penultimate lap his maximum attack caused a small driving mistake and another fellow competitor passed him. Therefore the only Finn in the series entered chequered flag as 6th fastest, just 5,5 seconds slower than race winner Dylan Pereira.

For the next round Muhonen entered with high hopes but suffered a retirement due a competitor which crashed Simos' car in start. Muhonen suffered a rim failure and was forced to retire the event. Season 2011 Finnish Karting Championship series bronze medalist showed his fierce feelings after discovering that the goals were again ran out from his hands.

- In the first race I got a very had start and when avoiding a spinning car on second corner one fellow competitor was able to pass me. Because in the event all drivers used Push-to-Pass button in same sections in the circuit it was very hard to make passings. Furthermore as I made a small driving mistake at the end of the race another rival competitor immediately passed me. Therefore sixth position was a big dissapointment for me as I had set my goals for the podium, Muhonen tells

- Second race also ended into dissapointment as in opening lap one eager driver tried to win the whole race in its' first corner. Due his mindless attack one of my wheel and rim got a hit and therefore I was forced to retire the event. I'm feeling quite miserable at the moment because my speed would have been enough to reach podium. However the only thing I can now do is to forget this weekend and start concentrating the next one, Muhonen continues.

Fifth and sixth round of the series is to be driven in German Lausitzring at second weekend of July. Due two dissapointing events Muhonen dropped into 11th position in series Championship standings.

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup, Slovakiaring June 20th 2015:
1. Dylan Pereira, 23:58.835
2. Marcus Fluch, +0,397sec
3. Michal Gadomski, +1.892sec
6. Simo Muhonen, +5.496sec

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup, Slovakiaring June 21st 2015:
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 24:04.919
2. Marcus Fluch, +2.587sec
3. Dylan Pereira, +3.025sec
ret. Simo Muhonen, rim failure

13.7.2015 - Simo Muhonen finally on podium at international Volkswagen Golf Cup - Silver position keeps hopes for medals alive

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International Volkswagen Golf Cup series fifth and sixth round were driven at German Lausitzring in deep and intense summer heat. Flying Finn Simo Muhonen collect his season first podium position as he was fifth fastest in first event and second fastest in second round. There are still six rounds to be driven.

Youngster had an excellent qualifying as he was fourth fastest in both sessions. In first round he was again in superb pace but due a small mistake and contact with circuit outer wall caused him to lose one position. Therefore fifth highest Championship positions weren't what he drove for. After 24 minutes of tricky racing the gap for winner Jeffrey Kruger was only 8,892 seconds.

On next race Muhonen had decided to put all of his skills into use and again after 24 minutes of fast-paced racing he celebrated his season first podium position, just 5,618 seconds slower than winner and Championship leader Jeffrey Kruger. Muhonen was very happy for silver trophy.

- Fourth grids for both events was smooth results, but in first race I made a small driving mistake and immediately my fellow competitor used the situation to his advantage. Fortunately on next race I was able to increase my performance so that I had a trouble-free run and was second fastest. Furthermore as many rivals got less points than me the Championship Standings got more intresting as I'm again driving for medals, Muhonen tells.

- Podium always feels good but especially now as I've been steadly in positions 4 to 6. Now as I've reached one of my season goals, its' time to keep on pushing to podiums again on next events. Silver position gave lots of self-confidence and now for next six weeks we'll think where to reduce the lap times, Muhonen continues.

In Championship standings Simo Muhonen is in excellent positions to have a attack for medals. Next two rounds are to be driven in German Sachsenring at the final weekend of August.

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup, Lausitzring, Germany, 1st start:
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 24:39.245
2. Piotr Parys, +4.556sec
3. Marcus Fluch, +5.043sec
4. Dylan Pereira, +7.691sec
5. Simo Muhonen, +8.892sec

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup, Lausitzring, Germany, 2nd start:
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 24:13.496
2. Simo Muhonen, +5.618sec
3. Dylan Pereira, +10.378sec
4. Marcus Fluch, +12.152sec
5. Piotr Parys, +15.258sec

30.8.2015 - Simo Muhonen 9th and 5th fastest in Volkswagen Golf Cup Sachsenring events - Finn in 5th position in overall standings

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In international Volkswagen Golf Cup german Sachsenring events the Flying Finn Simo Muhonen experienced, once again, the cruelty of qualifyings. Even he was forced to start the events from 10th and 8th grids he still was able to collect 9th and 5th highest Championship points which rised him into 5th position in overall standings as there are still four rounds to go.

Youngster started Sachenring first round from 10th grid and due crash in first lap he dropped into 23th position. However due 23 minutes of furious driving he was able to pass 14 fellow competitors and finished the event in 9th position.

For second start he went underway from 8th position and due excellent start he managed to pick 5th position and kept it all the 25 minutes way to chequerred flag. He also made second fastest lap time in the whole race.

Despite good runs the reighning Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland silver medalist was very dissapointed man.

- Before the events I knew that I had to reach podium to keep medal position hopes alive. To reach those goals I would have reach positions 1 to 5 in both qualifyings and therefore 10th and 8th grids were big dissapointment, Muhonen tells.

- Furthermore as in first event I had a crash with a fellow competitor and dropped into 23th position my goals ran away thru my eyes. However I was able to push into 9th position and also 5th highest Championship points from the second race stept me up one position to 5th in overall standings. Even so I'm very dissapointment for the weekend.

Both events were won by Championship leader Jeffrey Kruger. He leads the series by 58 points gap. Muhonen is in 5th position, 74 points from bronze and 78 points from silver medals. As there are still 120 points to be given in next four rounds the Flying Finn still has theoretical changes for all medals.

Penultimate round for Volkswagen Golf Cup is to be driven in 3rd weekend of September in circuit of Brno, Czech.

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup Sachsenring 1st start: 29.8.2015: Top-3:
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 23:29.244
2. Dylan Pereira, +5.631sec
3. Markus Fluch, +7.122sec
9. Simo Muhonen, +27.611sec

Final results Volkswagen Golf Cup Sachsenring 2nd start: 30.8.2015: Top-3:
1. Jeffrey Kruger, 25:34.134
2. Andre Glies, +1.591sec
3. Michal Gadomski, +2.050sec
5. Simo Muhonen, +2.586sec

23.9.2015 - Simo Muhonen suffered a deep dissapointment in Volkswagen Golf Cup Brno events - Medals out of reach

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In international Volkswagen Golf Cup a Flying Finn Simo Muhonen experienced a huge dissapointment as pole position man was eventually dropped into 4th position and later in second start to 13th position. Due these results, the tackle for medals is now over.

Muhonen, who is the only Finn in the series, got a miserable start from pole position and after thrilling battle he wasn't able to pick up positions and therefore was left to 4th position. A few hours later he also got a bad start and dropped down. After a superb battle for positions he was kissed by a fellow competitor so hard that he spun and dropped into final positions. However with a hard attack he still was able to finish the race in 13th position. Still the results were absolutely other than he had hoped for.

Because bad results, youngster was dropped into 6th position in overall standings as there are still final weekend to be driven in Polish Poznan.

- Seasons' first pole position and the expectations were like that. Then a miserable start and dropping into 4th position destroyed all hopes for first victory. Furthermore as in second event a fellow competitor knocked me out from the circuit I can only say that this weekend is one of the worst of my career when reviewing the starting positions, Muhonen tells.

- Due low Championship points collection all medal positions are now out of my reach. Therefore the only goal for the final weekend is to drive for fifth position in overall standings and it means that I can drive without any pressures of success. On the other hand it would be superb to finish the season on podium. We'll see what kind of result I can push without any stakes in hand, Flying Finn continues.

Because many different drivers visited on podium in Brno and therefore points were given to lots of drivers the battle for medals is going the be huge among first three top drivers. Jeffrey Kruger leads the series and Dylan Pereira and Markus Fluch seeks the possibility to catch Kruger.

For the next week Muhonen zeros his deep dissapointment and focuses to have an honorable finish for season.

Final Results Volkswagen Golf Cup Brno 2015, 1st start:
1. Michał Gadomski, 23:36.526
2. Marcus Fluch, +1.319sec
3. Dylan Pereira, +8.805sec
4. Simo Muhonen, +9.357sec
5. Piotr Parys, +9.948sec

Final Results Volkswagen Golf Cup Brno 2015, 2ndstart:
1. Dylan Pereira, 23:41.766
2. Jeffrey Kruger, +4.085sec
3. Marcus Fluch, +4.903sec
4. Andre Gies, +9.936sec
5. Marcin Jaros, +12.301sec
13. Simo Muhonen, +29.003sec

4.10.2015 - Simo Muhonen paketoi Volkswagen Golf Cupin palkintokorokesijaan - Viides loppupisteissä

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Keski-Euroopan radoilla ajetussa kansainvälisessä Volkswagen Golf Cupissa sarjan ainoa suomalaiskuljettaja, jyväskyläläinen Simo Muhonen, 19, saavutti kauden toisen palkintokorokesijan ja tasaisten suoritusten myötä oli lopulta loppupisteissä viides sekä paras ns. ensikertalainen eli rookie-kuljettaja.

Puolan Poznanin radalla ajetussa kuudennen osakilpailuviikonlopun kahdessa päätöskilpailussa Muhonen ajoi aika-ajojen kaksi neljättä sijaa ja tiukan taistelun jälkeen oli avauskilpailun neljäs ja toisen lähdön kolmas. Debytanttina koko kilpailukauden kaikilla radoilla ajanut nuorikainen teki pitkän kauden aikana tasaista tulosta ja vaikka vieraili kaksi kertaa erittäin kovatasoisen autourheilusarjan palkintokorokkeella, oli hän silti pettynyt mies; Olihan hän vuosi sitten voittanut hopeamitalit Suomen Porsche GT3 Cup sekä FINRace Trophyssä.

- Poznanissa vauhtini oli koko viikonlopun ajan tyydyttävällä tasolla; Aika-ajojen neljäs ruutu ja sama sijoitus ensimmäisessä lähdössä, vain 2,595 sekuntia voittajasta oli lupaava. Lisäksi kun toisessa lähdössä onnistuin, tosin kanssakilpailijoiden kolareiden seurauksena, nousemaan palkintokorokkeelle niin mukavalta tuntuu päättää todella kiivas kilvanajon kausi shampanjan tuoksuisiin juhliin, Muhonen kertoo.

- Yksi keskeytys ja kolme muuta alavireisesti mennyttä kilpailua tarkoitti sitä, että sarjan mitalit karkasivat armottomasti käsistä ja siten loppupisteiden viides sija ei ollut sitä mitä kaudelta lähdimme hakemaan. Tottakai paras ns. ensikertalaisen titteli erittäin tasaisessa sarjassa lämmittää, mutta se on laiha lohtu kun mitaleista lähdin ajamaan. Silti sain huomata, että vauhtini riittää myös kansainvälisissä palkintokorokesijoituksille ja siten se antaa toivoa tulevaisuudelle, Muhonen jatkaa ja kiittää vielä kanssakilpailijoitaan mahtavasta kaudesta, - Palkintokorokemiehille eli Jeffrey Krugerille, Dylan Pereiralle ja Marcus Fluchille pitää isosti nostaa hattua, että koko kauden pystyivat tasaisesti kotiuttamaan korkeita sarjapisteitä. Heidän lisäksi iso kiitos pitää antaa yhteistyökumppaneilleni tästä mahtavasta kansainvälisestä urakasta.

Lopputulokset Volkswagen Golf Cup, Poznan (Puola), 1. lähtö:
1. Dylan Pereira, 24:36.673
2. Piotr Parys, +1.172sek
3. Jeffrey Kruger, +2.269sek
4. Simo Muhonen, +2.595sek
5. Adam Rzepecki, +5.609sek

Lopputulokset Volkswagen Golf Cup
1. Dylan Pereira, 24:38.415
2. Jeffrey Kruger, +6.295sek
3. Simo Muhonen, +8.611sek
4. Marcin Jaros, +13.657sek
5. Andre Gies, +14.681sek
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