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  Season 2013: French Formula F4 Championship series
Kilpailun sijainti
26.-28.04. Le Mans, Ranska 10. 1. ja 13. Raportti
17.-20.05. Pau, Ranska 4. ja 3. ja 10. Raportti
07.-09.06. Spa-Francochamps, Belgia kesk. ja 6. ja 2. Raportti
05.-07.07. Le Vigeant, Ranska 11. 8. ja 6. Raportti
06.-08.09. Magny-Cours, Ranska 5. 11. ja 7. Raportti
11.-13.10. Lédenon, Ranska 14. kesk. ja kesk. Raportti
25.-27.10. Le Castellet, Ranska 10. 5. ja 10. Raportti

Formula Renault F4 Ranskan mestaruussarjan 2013 lopulliset pisteet: (21 kisaa)
1. Anthoine Hubert (Ranska), 365 pistettä
2. Jules Gounon (Ranska), 236,5 pistettä
3. Tristan Viidas (Viro), 169 pistettä
9. Simo Muhonen (Suomi), 115,5 pistettä

2.3.2013 - Simo Muhonen enters Formula F4 Renault Championship series in France - Flying Finn drives 21 rounds as a Auto Sport Academy driver

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Season 2011 Finnish Karting KF3 bronze medalist, mr. Simo Muhonen, age of 16, has deterimately developed his racing career. In season 2013 he measures his speed in Formula F4 Renault Championship series which is to be driven in France and in Belgium. In seven competitive weekends and 21 rounds he drives as Auto Sport Academy driver against fellow drivers all-around the Europe and Asia.

After four months of intensive negoations Muhonen gets a perfect chance to drive for success. Simo is stepping in footsteps of Formula 1 drivers like Sébastien Bourdais, Franck Montagny, Stéphane Sarrazino, Narain Karthikeyan, Dominic Cicero and Ryo Fukuda have all developed their career as Auto Sport Academy driver. Negotiations were speeded up by a scholarship which was given by French ASN. Now Muhonen has perfect opportunities to show his talent and skills.

- Season 2013 gets underway at final weekend of April. During summer and spring 2013 I'll be driving in six french circuits and one time in Belgium Spa. Furthermore I'll spend lots of time in Auto Sport Academy facilities which are located in Le Mans. In Auto Sport Academy I'll be given education to become professional motorsport people, Muhonen tells and continues, - First two week set is to start at the of March and then we travel towards season opening rounds which are also to be driven in circuit of Le Mans.

- Yesterday I came back from France. We had good season first test as I was immediately on top speed. Now in Finland I'll be spending my time on gym before travelling back to Le Mans and Auto Sport Academy training. I'm having a good feelings as tests went according plans and therefore I cannot for the first rounds.

Simo Muhonen Season 2013 racing calendar
- 26.-28.04. Le Mans, France
- 17.-20.05. Pau, France
- 07.-09.06. Spa-Francochamps, Belgium
- 05.-07.07. Le Vigeant, France
- 06.-08.09. Magny-Cours, France
- 11.-13.10. Lédenon, France
- 25.-27.10. Le Castellet, France

29.4.2013 - Simo Muhonen into debut victory in French Formula Renault F4 Championship series at Le mans - Flying Finn in fifth position after three rounds

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Young and highly talented Finn mr. Simo Muhonen, age of 16, gave a strong show of his talent in opening weekend of French Formula Renault F4 Championship series. Even he suffered a lack of speed In qualifying, he eventually was very satisfied for his first-ever international racing victory and 26 Championship points.

In qualifying Muhonen was slowed down by fellow competitors who drove off the circuit and caused yellow flags. Therefore Simo was forced to slow down and satisfy for 11th and 10th grid starting positions. In first round of the series he tacked for 10th position which gave him his first-ever Championship point and pole position for second round. Due regulations top-10 drivers of first race start second race in reversed order. As Muhonen was able to start from pole position, he managed to keep the leadership until chequerred flag was waved and collect 25 Championship points and first victory of the season. In third race he was slowed down by many crashes and 13th position didn't gave him any Championship points.

In seven racing weekends and 21 rounds Muhonen drives for success with Autosport Academy Formula Renault F4. His opening weekend was according the goals and therefore fifth position in series of 22 competitors is a brilliant start his first-ever complete international racing season. Muhonen feels very comfortable and cannot wait next round to start.

- The meaning of qualifying cannot never been enough appreciated. Due the crashes of fellow competitors I wasn't able to have any maximum result lap time and therefore starting positions for the first and for the third round were a bit dissapointing. However victory in second race was very fantastic for me and for my self-confidence, Muhonen tells.

- Championship standings is also very good as I'm only fou points behind silver position. This result gives me lots of motivation to improve my speed aswell as my physics before next round. Now I know that I have to be more awaken on qualifying. All next six circuits are all new for me and I'm a bit worried about it because before the event I only have 25 minutes of practice session before qualifying. Fortunately the regulations are same for all drivers, Muhonen continues.

Hottest driver of the first weekend was Anthoine Hubert, who had a perfect weekend. Due three good results he now leads the series by 33 Championship points. Next three rounds are to be driven in PAU at third weekend of May 2013.

20.05.2013 - Simo Muhonen into second position in French Formula F4 Championship series after six rounds - Finn in top speed on tricky conditions

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Young Flying Finn, mr. Simo Muhonen, age of 16, keeps up the good work in French Formula F4 Championship series as he was again able to collect valuable Championship points in all three rounds which were driven in circuit of Pau, southern France. Three weeks ago Muhonen celebrated his first ever podium and victory and now he was again on podium. Fourth, third and tenth positions provided him enough Championship points to step up for silver position as there are still five weekends to be driven.

Two of three events were driven tricky wet conditions. Heavy rain caused slippery on circuit and therefore Muhonen was very happy to secure good points from his first-ever experience on racing in narrow street circuit. After Sundays' 4th and 3th positions on Monday he was forced to satisfy for 10th position due pit-lane drive-thru penalty he was given by the Jury. Muhonen accepted the penalty with heavy hearts.

- In first two rounds it was raining a lot and therefore it was very hard to have a intense driving for success. Water was pouring up from the tyres of the drivers who were in front of me and it was pretty hard to see anything. I had good starts and also Miss Fortuna was giving her luck for me so that I was able to push good results, Muhonen tells

- On final round I also made a good start and had a good attack on first corner. One of my fellow competitor missed braking and had a crash which Jury told it was my fault as I had changed my driving line one time too much. I didn't hit anyone and no-one hit me and therefore I believe it was purely a competition situation and my fellow competitor should have been advised that he should not win the whole race in first corner, Muhonen continued.

After six rounds Muhonen is in second position which gives him excellent chances for the next round which is driven in circuit of SPA, Belgium.

- In all six rounds I've been able to collect Championship points. Furthermore a victory and third podium position have now fullfilled our season 2013 goals and what comes next are just bonuses. Even series leader mr. Anthoine Hubert is leading the Championship series with huge gap we all shall remember that in motorsport anything can happen and therefore let's hope that I'll also be visiting podium in Belgium, Muhonen concluded.

10.6.2013 - Simo Muhonen once again on podium in French Formula F4 Championship series - Silver trophies from Belgium SPA-Francochamps circuit

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Auto Sport Academy driver mr. Simo Muhonen, age of 16, continued superb performance and once again on podium celebrated successfull driving. In third French Formula F4 Championship series weekend, which was driven on very fast-paced Belgium SPA-Francochamps circuit Flying Finn made perfect job and collected silver podium position. After niine of 21 rounds Muhonen continues on second position in overall classifications as there are still four intense weekends to go.

In qualifying Muhonen drove seven kilometres lap just 0,5 seconds slower than pole position driver and it gave him fourth grid for the first and fifth grid for the third start. In seventh round of the season Muhonen suffered electronical problem and was forced to retire the event. Due retirement he was given 19th grid for the second start and after 25 minutes of racing he finished eight start of the season in sixth position. In third and final round of Belgium SPA-weekend Muhonen was able to perfect performance and celebrated his third podium position of the season.

- Unfortunately in opening round a electronical problem caused retirement and therefore for the second start I had to start from back row. Before the start I decided to show my best talent and in 25 minutes of racing I managed to pass my 13 fellow competitors and collect few highly valuable Championship points, Muhonen tells and continues, - Third round was driven on wet surface and it helpt me a lot to gain my third podium position of the season.

- Belgium SPA-Francochamps circuit is definitely worth of its' reputation and absolutely best-ever circuit I've ever driven. After first straight and tight curve gas pedal position is 100% approximately 36 seconds and its' very enjoyable and thrilling to feel how adrenaline pours in my veins, Muhonen expalins and continues, - Even series leader mr. Anthoine Hubert has picked up huge gap in standings I feel very comfort for the next three rounds. Now for next weeks I complitely forget racing and have my deserved summer vacation.

Next event are to be driven first weekend of July in Le Vigeant which is located in central France.

Final results French Formula F4 Championship series, Belgium SPA 1st event
1. Anthoine Hubert, 25:51.64
2. Felix Hirsiger, +3.355sec
3. Tom LeCoq, +13.669sec
ret. Simo Muhonen, electronical failure

8.7.2013 - Simo Muhonen in summer vacation mode at French Formula F4 Le Vigeant event - Only few Championship points to be taken to Finland

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In Fourth weekend of French Formula F4 Championship series, which was driven in Le Vigeant, Central France, Flying Finn Simo Muhonen wasn't on his best. Auto Sport Academy driver collected positions 11th, 8th and 6th and therefore was greatly dissapointed for dropping into third position in overall classifications after 12 of 21 rounds.

Muhonen was on summer mode. In qualifying he was 9th fastest and in races wasn't able to match to the speed of his fellow competitors who have driven several times in Le Vigeant circuit. After faultless drive youngster finished first race in 11th position.

In second race he started to find the correct rhythm and best braking points for difficult circuit. After intense racing time he managed to pick up three positions. However 8th position wasn't what he had expected for but it brought him some points to keep himself in medal positions.

In third and Final stage Muhonen was waking up and collected 6th position. However his fellow rival, estonian Tristan Viidas collected more points and dropped Muhonen from silver to bronze. However there are still three intense racing weekends and nine rounds to go so anything can happen in overall standings. Simo was very dissapointed for his runs.

- Short 25 minutes practice session wasn't simply enough for me to learn this new track and therefore all my fellow rivals, who have driven here before, managed to be faster than me. I was in a sleep in qualifying and started to wake up in final race. Only positive thing is this weekend is that I was able to collect some Championship points to keep up hopes for medal, Muhonen tells.

- French Formula F4 Championship series goes now to two monts holiday. Now its' also a perfect time for me to enjoy Finnish summer. However I'll be developing my physics and skills so that I can make a good comeback in second half of the season, Muhonen continues.

French Anthoine Hubert has taken outstanding 153 points lead in overall classifications. Therefore his title is nearly secured. Championship series continues in first weekend of September at legendary circuit of Magny-Cours, central France.

9.9.2013 - Simo Muhonen had a twisty weekend in French Formula F4 Magny-Cours

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Flying Finn Simo Muhonen, age of 16, entered French Formula F4 Championship Series Magny-Cours event in bronze position. However after three intense rounds youngster was forced to suffer a dissapointing weekend as he collected positions 5th, 11th and 7th in events which were driven in very challenging weather conditions. Due low amount of Championship points he dropped into fifth position as there are still two racing weekends and six rounds to go.

In qualifying, which were driven in wet conditions, Muhonen kept fifth fastest pace and also fifth highest Championship points from first race promised another podium positions. For second start he raised his risk factor and started driving a bit above his driving limits. However in third corner of the race he, after his fellow competitor blocked the door, suffered a spin and dropped to 21th position. After tremendous 20 minutes of attack he was able to climb back to 11th position, which unfortunately was first position not to gain any Championship points.

For third round, which was driven in dry conditions, Muhonen started in fourth position. For the whole 20 minutes of intense racing it seemed like he was able to reach podium position until in final lap a fellow competitor hit him so hard that Muhonen drove to finish in 7th position. After the race youngster wasn't able to keep his emotions straight.

- The events which occurred in second and third round were very frustrating for me. it seems like it's not enough that you drive to avoid making mistakes and collisions with your fellow competitors because some of those drivers doesn't respect these rules. It would be very nice to drive for success so that all drivers respect fellow competitors and try not to hit anyone, Muhonen tells and continues, - Even these drivers were given penalties of their rough actions, these insidents were very big setback for my dream of Championship medal.

- These bad results means now that I've officially said goodbye to Championship hopes and, to be honest, silver position is also quite unreachable dream. However there are still six rounds to go I and therefore my goals are now set for bronze medal which is currently 16 points away. Let's hope that all drivers have learn their mistakes so that we could have a perfect final six events, Muhonen hopes.

Penultimate round for French Formula F4 Championship series is to be driven in halfway of October at Lédenonin circuit which is located in Southern France.

Final results French Formula F4 Championship Series: Magny-Cours start 1.
1. Jules Gounon, 20:04,073
2. Matevos Isaakyan, +7,255sec
3. Tom LeCoq, +10,006sec
4. Anthoine Hubert, +10.242sec
5. Simo Muhonen, +11.482sec
6. Neal Van Vaerenbergh, +11.681sec

Final results French Formula F4 Championship Series: Magny-Cours start 2.
1. Jules Gounon, 22:04,851
2. Dennis Anoschin, +2.477sec
3. Marco De Peretti, +20.145sec
11. Simo Muhonen, +34,999sec

Final results French Formula F4 Championship Series: Magny-Cours start 3.
1. Jules Gounon, 20:08,185
2. Anthoine Hubert, +1.962sec
3. Neal Van Vaerenbergh, +9.401sec
11. Simo Muhonen, +14.760sec

14.10.2013 - Simo Muhonen as a crash-test-dummie in French Formula F4 Lédenon - Finn was left without points and dropped to 9th position

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Flying Finn Simo Muhonen, age of 17, experienced the most dissapointng setback of his racing career as in French Formula F4 Lédenon he wasn't able to collect more points in all three driven events. 14th position and two retirements dropped youngster to 9th position as there are final three rounds to be driven.

Catastrophic weekend was start in qualifying as a technical problem in engine dropped horsepowers and season 2011 Finnish Karting KF3-group bronze medalist was left to 14th grid.

First race in South-France Lédenon circuit was driven in sunny and dry conditions. During the intense event Simo was hit by his fellow competitor and a spun dropped him into 14th position and no points were given for him.

Second start was also a nightmare for Muhonen as another fellow competotor missed one braking point and gave a hellowa punch for Simo. The damages for rear wing was so severe that Muhonen was agan forced to retire the event and for second time he was left without points.

In third and final start of the weekend he was again a crash-test-dummie as third fellow competitor hit Muhonen and again rear wing and broken rear tyre caused another retirement for second-generation racing driver. For a reason he was tremendously dissapointed man.

- Lédenon was truly a big nightmare and frustrating weekend for me which if only I could forget fast. A technical problem in qualifying and then being a crash-test-dummie because fellow competitors didn't drove according the rules. Due these events I have to say goodbye for medals, Muhonen shared his dissapointed thoughts.

- I have to be honest and say that this 2nd half of the season hasn't gone as I expected: In 1st half of the season I was on podium and now I've just been driving for left-out points. This downhill has to be changed in final weekend and its' three races because my place is on podium, Muhonen concluded.

For next two weeks Flying Finn circulates in Middle-Europe to introduce himself for internatonal motorsport teams and collect their offers for season 2014.

4.11.2013 - Simo Muhonen 9th in French Formula F4 Championship series - Fifth position in final racing weekend

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Flying Finn Simo Muhonen, age of 17, wrapped his first-ever international racing season and collected smooth 9th position in French Formula F4 Championship series. In seven highly demaning racing weekends and its' 21 rounds season 2011 Finnish Karting KF3-class bronze medalist collected three podium positions and 115,5 championship points as well as nine other points positions. Winner of the very appreciated series was French Anthoine Hubert and silver medalist was also French Jules Gounon. Bronze medal was rewarded for Estonian Tristan Viidas.

Final round of the series was driven in South-France circuit of Le Castellet. In three final events Muhonen once again showed his talent and in qualifying was just 0,5 seconds slower than fastest Anthoine Hubert. However this "blink of an eye" -gap gave 13th position for Finn. Even though in first round he was able to pass his fellow drivers and arrived to chequerred flag in 10th position. In second round he was fortunate to avoid collisions and collected fifth highest Championship points and in third and final round of the series he finished again in 10th position.

- This time I was able to drive a trouble-free qualifying and three races: I was able to avoid collisions and no-one crashed me. It was very nice to drive my own speed and level and show my talent in races where drivers measured their speed in tenths of seconds, Muhonen tells and continues, - It was thrilling to see that 0,5 seconds gap in qualifying brought 13th grid in race and in each race a one single driving mistake immediately would cost positions. With a better result in qualifying I would have been able to finish better positions but still I was very happy for that I had a trouble-free runs of the season.

- 9th position in French Formula F4 Champonshp series is not what I wished for. After a good season start and three podium positions I suffered a setback in my developement and now after troubles I was again on my level. Due bad results I have not got a good taste in my mouth right now. Despite a dissapointment I was able to collect lots of international racing experiences which I next shall utilize in French Porsche Carrera Cup. I would like to give a big thanks to all sponsors, partners and fans who have supported me in this season, Muhonen reported.

Final results French Formula F4: Le Castellet, 1st start:
1. Anthoine Hubert, 20:29,951
2. Dennis Anoschin, +1.019sec
3. Jules Gounon, +1.620sec
10. Simo Muhonen, +13,507sec

Final results French Formula F4: Le Castellet, 2nd start:
1. Remy Deguffroy, 20:36,236
2. Jules Gounon, +6.427sec
3. Tom Le Coq, +6.755sec
5. Simo Muhonen, +9.216sec

Final results French Formula F4: Le Castellet, 3rd start:
1. Anthoine Hubert, 20:29,378
2. Ivan Kostyukov, +1.450sec
3. Felix Hirsiger, +4.516sec
10. Simo Muhonen, +17.483sec
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